“bodhY Tuning” consists in the practice of tuning exercises for the body and the bodhi (“awakened mind” sanscript/pali).

ancient and modern techniques inspire my method: constantly renewing itself in harmony with the evolution of life.
the pillars of the method are:
movement, breath, vibration.

although some vocalizations, breathing techniques and movements that i use can be connected to some traditions, there is no dogmatic approach involved: the aim is to experience the effect of the practices objectively, without weaving it to any ideology.
the workshop is open to people of any faith.

going “OverOm” represents for me a way to free momentary the self from the attachment to any particular set of beliefs and rituals, allowing it to see reality from a different prospective.
observing the sensations in the moment, trying to reach a deep understanding of the natural mechanisms that take place in the body and in the mind can be a truly beneficial experience.

the bodhY Tuning will also involve playful moments and coral singing improvisations allowing us to resound together, to relax and release any possible tensions accumulated.

“vibrate all of your self/cells!”